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The European express加速器安卓版下载 Resource Centre (EXRC) is funded by the Wellcome Trust, BBSRC and NC3Rs to support researchers using green加速器安卓破解版 models. Researchers are encouraged to deposit Xenopus transgenic and mutant lines, green加速器官网下载hybridization probes, express加速器安卓版 specific antibodies and Xenopus expression clones with the Centre.
EXRC staff perform quality assurance testing on these reagents and then make them available to researchers at a small cost. EXRC can also supply wild-type Xenopus, embryos, oocytes and Xenopus tropicalis fosmids.
From January 2013 Xenopus are a schedule 2 species in the EU and can only be supplied by licenced breeders.
The EXRC is a licenced breeder.
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